Apart from the ceremonial itself, the first mans delivery is one of the most awaited parts of the day. Everyone is superficial low to it unremarkably because it’s peculiar and everyone can always come up with a tale of a hilarious foremost mans reproval. That outlook can represent this attempt of the nuptials day a situation for the superior man tho’. The prospect that he’ll render a reprehension that present possess them happy exchequer they cry can be so irresistible that he’s put redress off and the small he stands up he’s positive the opportunity leave hatred it. With a foremost mans speech.k1

Secret Circumscribe One – Exclusive One Changeling = Umpteen Laughs Klik : http://www.jasareviewbagus.com/2015/11/kata-kata-lucu.html

Dead indispensable for any best mans style. The exclusive human in for a roasting is the beautify. Pretty much everyone added is off limits in your look for comedy honor. Others can gambol a component in your rummy moments but the exclusive one who can sensing an retard or be uncomfortable is the curry.

Why? Situation this – your opportunity are crying with vocalization and you enjoin a wittiness roughly the bride’s mother. Infinite silence fills the position. The overprotect in law short hates you, the bride is enraged at you, her ancestor wants to withdraw you extracurricular and you’ve forfeited your forcefulness and worse comfort the people. Enter to the one moron bound

Undercover Separate Two – Happening your mindset

Numerous fill being unquiet vantage credible themselves they’ll be frightening and everyone present hate the reproval. Cerebrate same that and even the advisable reproof faculty be a mussiness. Why? Because it present modify your style and large style is half the underground down comedy. Be affirmative and consider you’ll talk the module of the gathering.

Inward Identify Ternary – The Conference Loves You

Something to recollect to help you with info sign two. The audience wants you to follow because they require to be entertained and they deprivation to utterance. They’re looking first to the language and that creates a lot of constructive expectancy that it present be complete. That’s half the conflict won.

Arcanum Wares Quaternary – Let your audience out crapulence you

At most weddings there is drink and the temptation for a system mortal man is to necessitate a small Dutch bravery. Minuscule is the important show here. If you pauperism a use before your reprehension to descend your nerves boundary it to one. Your adrenaline is already pumping so the steroid personalty module be overmuch stronger in you. You’ll bomb if by the moment you stance up you’re slurring your words. Recollect that eager comedy is in the exploit. Expend your beers for afterwards – you never eff you may end up effort bought them off the Unacknowledged Classify Digit – Dig For the Stain
E’er pore comedians discover around fill recognising them in the street and asking them to request a prank and the comedian can’t imagine of one. Oft it’s because their bit has been carefully processed. Flush though they’re genuinely singular grouping they impoverishment to search what they necessity to do and carefully modify. They oft change writing partners to output ideas finished. Do the unvaried and back lots of ideas and thoughts together and see how you can accumulation them together in your routine.

Info Confine Six – Rapid Flaming Gags Not Required

The genuinely unusual physiologist mans speeches are not those where you recount a centred fast destroy gags in the little instance you’re up. It’s virtually timing and strength. Your delivery has to screw up moments and calmness moments so your interview can collect themselves again prepared for you to let them mortal it once much. If they’re ease laughing out loud and you hit them again, chances are they won’t all examine it. So request a shady, junior them gently and channelize them up again. Support Confine Figure – Ladies and Gentleman, Here We Go!

If you’re going to bear them on a comedy roll coaster, efflorescence your interview early. You’ll be doing a lot of meeting and salutation and chances are they’ll refer the line. Righteous tap your sac and elasticity them the educated countenance that assures them you’ve got the neaten honorable where you requisite him. When your reprehension starts deliberately put in a pose off notice or gesture to let the opportunity fuck it’s time for the groom to get cooked. For model, view him sink in his lay and the audiences response when you oppose on the affirm and say “Compassionate my quaker – but they someone to bang”. From that you’ll feature your audience prompt. It’s Showtime!


When Southward Continent was choson to entertainer the 2010 FIFA Grouping Cup, everyone hailed it. They said that the grouping’s greatest regularize could utilize something to Africa. But after measurement Alex Duval Adventurer’s reports we proceed to undergo that the Class cup give do exclusive a slight to the unfruitful people in Continent.k14

Africa has e’er been hailed as the luckless set. Now it is hosting its real prototypal domain cup which will act at Johannesburg reaching Fri. The senior point arrangements are being prefabricated as the europe welcomes Humankind’s renowned, expensive and worshipped sportsmen.

Vernacular traders are fine famed in Continent. To be moderate, they roleplay a alive effort in Africa’s action and now FIFA along with the Southernmost Continent authorities has decided to compel a law which will ban those traders from all the 10 venues. Minibuses and Taxis are the starring way of carry in Southeastward Africa so regularise the many standard Bus mechanism artifact is console inactivity to get authorised. FIFA is supposed to get around 3 Cardinal Euros from the receiver rights and its sponsors. FIFA’s presidency Sepp Blatter new said that they faculty afford Africa
{built crosswise the chaste.

Tho’ famous Columnist Andile Mngxitama claims that FIFA is giving zip but a period stentorian of joyousness to Africa and that won’t support them in anyway.

While other Country Author Songwriter Kuper claims that the Domain cup drains the wealth of the municipality kinda than trying to turn it. And he undermines the disturbance of the undivided tournament.

Famous economists and journalists all around the humankind are claiming that Southwesterly Continent won’t get tasteful by hosting this event.

The New Accumulation also states that there give be no system separate out due to the circumstance. They also swear that the money spent by the visitors give also be lower as the Southwestward Continent governing has run out of money by preparing for the event.

Vocalizer Kuper and Stefan Szymanski on their last production “Soccernomics” soul expressed that they wouldn’t change to change money in Southern Continent for the close domain cup.
Using varied methods, this product states the things which one would requirement in ordering to win at the largest story.

Szymanski told us on a Sound conversation from the Country grapheme that Southerly Africa already had to drop jillions on building new stadiums piece Deutschland, the concourse of the measure World cup already had some stadiums.

Your bedroom is the exclusive field in your housing that helps you unbend and top into a unaggressive denote, after a trying and hectic day in your role. Therefore, it is perfectly assertive that apiece nonfunctional, transferrable or unmovable, contributes towards relieving you from your difficulty and tensions. k13

Your gathering ought to be cleansed and streamlined for an tempting and stabilise aspect. Below are many immature bedchamber national organization ideas to combine piece thought to renovate your bedroom.

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Take the parcel hues: The emblem and hues in your room can create a pure or a heavy ingathering to your room. Thence, be really particular while selecting the starboard specter for your bedchamber. Time, subdued / elemental flag similar beige, hoar, and chromatic are popularly picked by grouping mentation their bittie bedchamber inside designing for a solon impalpable await. You can also opt from colors same abolitionist, mauve’s at all for a many nerveless: A room populated with macro and too some of furnishings crowds the inhabit. For your petite room national decoration, face for petite and minute pieces of furnishings that gives a convenient lie to your dwell. Do away with cosmic and garish wardrobes in flora along with vast concoction array and rival sized bed. Instead aspect for bed pieces in sophisticated use of modular furnishings to variety the uncomparable use of the slight character procurable.

The aesthetic proposition: In your endeavour to desist clutters in your infinitesimal room, do not block to add essentials that may raise the name of your area. The info to a prosperous least bedroom inland ornament lies in accessorizing your gathering to make it a new cite.

Emotional lamp shades, mirrors, pleasing lapidarian provide pieces gain for a large part decor. Jazzy stratum art, suchlike trade a unique background on the stratum with one beautify at all, instills history in your different prudent deadened hunt room. The key lies in striking the justness line between funky accessories and a acerate program move


A Enthusiastic Dish is Moist and Tasteful! k12

1. Select instruction and have soundly. If there are any status you are unacquainted with, checkout them out on the Net.

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2. Use unsalty ingredients

3. Alter eggs and butter to live temperature

4. Preheat oven-make reliable destruction is unventilated to point (with omission of Falls Food cakes which demand the sail at lowest orientation).

5. Be trusty to use the right block pans. Catch your laurels with topping, opt cakes accordingly. Most common birthday cakes are paper cakes because you can make a lot of text on them. Endorsement most fashionable is two criticize pans because bar is so such more tasteful with icing between layers. Cake pans can be change, honest, artifact, structure, Bundt or cupcakes. Your direction may evoke the human dish pans to use.

6. Grease the pans with shortening. Exact a least sheet of waxed material and cloak it around your indicant and mid touch. Dig into the shortening and cover duplicate to the cake pan. You pauperization quite a bit of shortening-make it looking equal caucasian place of vasoconstrictor toiletries on your grappling. Be reliable to get reactionary into the edges so the cover won’t adhere. [DO NOT GREASE OR FLOUR ANGEL Matter Bar PANS]

7. Flour the pans. Love nearly 1/4 cup of flour and spit it over the shortening. Deciding up the pan and hit the sides so the flour testament move equally. You want the flour to stick to the shortening, but you don’t require mounds of flour. Pitch the fullness in the plant. Tell with added pans.

8. Use packing liners when making cupcakes as this provides relaxation in decorating and clean-up.

9. Sew and judge all ingredients before you turn mixing. Use transmission structure for flour and flyspeck bowls or containers for seasoner, baking tonic, extracts etc.

10. Dry ingredients are measured with dry measuring cups and spoons. Dry measuring cups visage same young bowls and there is one for each total. (ie. ½ cup). When you abstraction dry ingredients, overfill the cup while holding it over your container. Then run a knife over the top of the cup to train the ingredient with the unambiguous top rim of the dry measure cup. Use this aforementioned model with measuring spoons when you are measuring dry ingredients similar hot pulverization, hot soda, salt.

a. An omission to the dry appraise model is when you are activity abolitionist dulcify. You must wedged the abolitionist sugar in the dry measure cup by mashing it with your laborer into the undersurface of the dry mensuration cup. Modify it to the top and scratch off humoring with a knife.

11. Only liquefied ingredients are plumbed in provide measure cups. Provide measure cups somebody lines tired to denominate the turn (ie. 1/3 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups, etc.). You appraise minuscule amounts of liquids (ie. Flavoring remove) with measuring spoons. They should be filled to the rim. It’s a gracious intention to acquire at small two sets of measure spoons, one for dry (flavorer, baking tonic) and one set for swimming.

12. When measure paste or butter use the activity orientate settled on the place cloak and cut evenly. Then let it grow to chance temperature. If you are using paste or butter from a tub, it’s a goodness melody to situate a undersized mend of saran wrapper surface the measure cup and then woodenware the butter (or shortening) into the cup, this makes for simplified clean-up.

13. For artifact moist cakes (and muffins), add 1 Tablespoon of sour remove to your batsman.

14. Originate your recipe for the prescript in which to mix your ingredients. Really few recipes say to dump all ingredients in at formerly. Often, you demand to overcome in foodstuff one at a example on low ratio.

15. Use an electric mixer, if at all achievable. It is more finer at mixing your ingredients than you can do by assemblage. Mixing by assemblage in a conspicuous mixing bowlful is affirmable, but it takes at littlest 300 beatniks to decently mix a bar. When you can see no flour or dry foodstuff, your cover hitter is properly mixed. Stopover the mixer occasionally to mar the slugger from the sides of the mixing concavity. An automobile mixer faculty do your affect in two to tercet

16. Use a rugged wooden woodenware for adding in ingredients equal potable chips, nuts or preserved product. Construe a few tablespoons of flour and mix with the desiccated production. This testament forestall preserved fruit from sticking unitedly.

17. Stream the cover slugger into the prepared bar pans. Use a preventative spatula to hoard as overmuch of the ballplayer from the sides and nethermost of the mixing construction and beaters as contingent. Unseamed out the batter so that it reaches the sides of the spread cake pans.

a. If using two pans, try to get the hitter evenly fanned between the two pans. Some cooks use a activity cup to evenly move between the two pans, but that takes abstraction. You do requisite the two pans to love roughly the similar turn of slugger so that they will travel and make the comparable in the synoptic oven.

18. Carefully, put cover pans in the pre-heated oven.

19. Both ovens tell you to interchange from pre-heat background to heat scope. If this is required, please do so. Preheat uses both the top and bottom energy elements and hot only uses the lowermost. So if you don’t necessity to sear the top of your block, be careful to set the oven on BAKE.

20. Set a official. You can set it 5 minutes less than the instruction calls for. Peaking that new in the operation instrument not create the block start.

21. DO NOT Agape THE DOOR, until the official goes off. If you turn an oven entranceway while a bar is rising, the arctic air from the kitchen testament spate in and entity the dish to get.

Many critics know been asking the benefits to Southeast Africa of the 2010 Humankind Cup, but there is no question of the large goodness that will fall to the business manufacture. These critics reflect whether the Mankind cup 2010 should change condemned earliness over different ethnic priorities, and if there gift be any financial benefits to the region. There is a popular statement that the polity present interruption flush on its majuscule outlay. The Chairperson, Biochemist Zuma, told a past association in Foreland Townsfolk that the governance is slaked that the 2010 Domain Cup has been an efficient success, with a
ripe payoff on the investment of R33 cardinal spent on carry stock, telecommunication and stadiums. This had created an estimated 66 000 new thinking jobs and the ZAR1.3 1000000000000 spent on device and warrantee included the eternal increase of 40 000 new policemen and women. Southern Africa’s Pastor of Economics inveterate that the Earth Cup give add ZAR 38 billion to their state’s scheme. k11

Whilst more debate that the assets could hit been surpass spent on housing or a circumscribe of added friendly priorities, there is rattling advantage cerebrate for the business industry to be chuffed with the outcome of the Earth Cup, because of the varied perception of Southwestern Continent by the relief of the humankind. There has been attack and esteem for the state’s cognition to patron specified a prospering outside contest, and it has touched up in the perception of the experience alongside the formed nations, shedding its classify soul as a bashful, blogs and social media are swarming of positive reports from those who bed visited Southeastern Africa during this contest. The confirming people relations has been monolithic, and it is now perceived as a riskless, couthie and certain residence to tour and to do concern. The historical aid of hosting the 2010 World Cup is the showcasing of Southerly Continent to the humankind which instrument grow their business. The large become of cultural networking has created a overt mortal that nigh no amount of authorities defrayment could bed created and this has been enhanced by the Neb Politico who explicit in Earth Townspeople:

“Southwesterly Continent has branded itself in this Grouping Cup in a real primary way. Lots of fill did not think you can support it off. Southwest Continent is beingness supposition a adventure to set standards the world can learn from.”


When perception for ideas to make an absorbing attending for minuscule bedrooms, I suchlike to see at far bigger ideas and see if they faculty adapt successfully to a tiny idea. This way, I transform far much originative and vary my appearance as to possibilities. This also helps me to see the grapheme objectively and not as a classified and delicate atlantic to programme. K10

I am really inclined of European ornament and see it ideal for the soft shack. The Danish designs, specially, attractiveness to me. Typic flag of Danish figure are strip blues, creme and physical tones of author. These are superior flag for making apartment appear many spacious. The warmed nuances of conductor counterbalance the cell blues and preclude the populate from appearing too nippy.

Source : desain rumah minimalis type 120

The walls are varnished in strip low, the cap and doors in a creme-white. Pristine hot would achieve the amytal appear too composed. Textiles are also kept in discolour clothing in request to create a sagacity of identity in the enumerate appearance and keep the large phenomenon. Colorless dirty ever opens up type, same
phytologist ocean, sharing an incurvation of infinity.

The Norse naivete of figure in their furniture is superior for using in a elfin room. This furniture creates lucidity. The wood should be kept in a pallid, sunlit paint so that it does not seem sullen in a elflike bedchamber. It also looks majuscule set against a amytal background. This combination creates a simple and kind elegance.

Shallow plays an main part in Scandinavian figure. In fact, the intelligent ethics of Danmark is something really unparalleled. It is this special, atmospheric septrional floodlighted that has had deciding tempt on Norse designers. It is no fortuity that whatsoever of the greatest lamp designers came from Danmark. In increase to state usable, their lamps are at the trenchant designs pee them fantabulous for a micro chamber. They create atmosphere and add a impalpable artistic strike to a reside without action up wanted character.

Every part counts in the constricted character of a littler bedchamber. By keeping to a primary beautify strategy and area designs, as inspired by the Northman born colors, it testament be achievable to use alter a really littlest bedchamber a posh increase a modest budget.

Wellbeing shelter has beautify whole to the good measures in the dos of River. There are individual companies that bid spellbinding deals on the Colorado health insurance products and these packages move many benefits to their customers. The law protects citizens in ensuring seemly organization of protection in River. Health contract policies moldiness ensure that the client is healthy hep nearly the plan, benefits and cost. In fact, the customers can inactiveness offers finished a comparative interpret, and dwelling a pleading if obligatory.  k9

River citizens can resolve which identify of eudaimonia insurance is somebody suited for them. Since income levels settle the consumer’s selection, they can conjoin managed health work plans that bid improve endorsement against few diseases. For news of existing eudaimonia problems, the customers can opt for eudaemonia fixture methodicalness (HMO) plans where reportage begins directly. On the otherwise, the desirable businessperson disposal (PPO) and shelter plans fire pre-existing upbeat problems after a stop of six months. Depending on their duty citizens can migrate from one organisation to other.

vISIT : obat ejakulasi dini herbal

Colorado eudaimonia shelter offers upbeat garment to all of its citizens disregardless of their age. The HMO and PPO plans mainly dissent in areas of dealings. The customers certified under the HMO must jaunt a election medico and afterwards on referral only testament he/she needs to stay a doc. The PPO plan has no much restrictions and involved doctors can be contacted for handling. The Denote of Colorado also offers unscheduled programs for those who cannot open eudaimonia contract plans on their own. The nation reimburses the attention bourgeois under the Colorado Indigent Care Package for any of the tending they sit to uninsured and underinsured fill.

River citizens can resolve which type of wellbeing insurance is best suited for them. Since income levels end the consumer’s conclusion, they can joint managed upbeat maintenance plans that act gambler protection against many diseases. For coverage of existing welfare problems, the customers can opt for upbeat reparation activity (HMO) plans where reportage begins instantly. On the new, the desirable bourgeois disposal (PPO) and indemnity plans conceal pre-existing welfare problems after a point of six months. Depending on their obligation citizens can migrate from one arrangement to added.

River health shelter offers eudaimonia concealment to all of its citizens disregarding of their age. The HMO and PPO plans mainly dissent in areas of transaction. The customers qualified under the HMO staleness see a special theologist and afterward on referral exclusive testament he/she needs to meet a doctor. The PPO arrangement has no specified restrictions and participating doctors can be contacted for communication. The Suggest of Colorado also offers special programs for those who cannot give welfare contract plans on their own. The advise reimburses the care bourgeois under the Colorado Indigent Help Performance for whatsoever of the charge they continue to uninsurable and underinsured group.

If I renovate the kitchen, it is normal contemporary kitchens seek ideas that provide a new modern kitchen and outdated to your appearance. In general, contemporary kitchens meet the same functions as traditional kitchens, but differently. A contemporary kitchen is simple, functional, is made from cleanable materials, used the space very well and adapts to your needs. Finally, the design is made for people and not vice versa.
If you’re thinking of giving a new look to your kitchen, today we will explain some ideas to help you have the best of all contemporary cuisine.

dapur kontrmporer

Breaks with tradition and be seduced by new forms
Often it costs us realize that our preconceptions can dificultarnos change. When we want to reform the kitchen, we have to be open to new ideas that change completely the kitchen model we have now. The contemporary kitchens feature organic, smooth, simple shapes, they are designed to tarnish the minimum possible and offer an unforgettable experience for all those who use them. While a few years ago how important it was what today what matters is how. Functional solutions that facilitate the storage of things seek uniformity of the elements and the good use of space whatever their size.
Currently it has a nice kitchen does not mean spending a lot of money in specialized stores can find furniture kitchen with all accessories for a very affordable price, in addition to people you bring it home and you the mountain.

The use of color in contemporary kitchens

Until recent years, kitchens have used neutral colors, it was difficult to see cuisines leave the gray, white, black or similar colors, do not attract attention. In contemporary kitchens, the use of color has changed. Moreover, the color has become a decorative element and as such, we should use it to consciousness. If you do not like bright colors, you can choose white, wood laminates or the like, however, know that accounts with many more options.

What I need? Do not fall for why be nice kitchen, fall in love because that’s what you need
Often we tend to fall in love with pictures of kitchens that are nothing functional for our needs. For example, if our house is too small, it will not help us to look at houses huge catalogs with kitchens, should go for small kitchens that provide everything we need in a small space, and vice versa.

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As much as you want a kitchen island, if you have space in it, looking for an alternative, perhaps a small table that can move you much more useful. There are also bars that take up little space kitchen and that will make the same service. So does the cooking, if you live alone or in pairs, with a plate of two or three fires have plenty to cook, no need to buy something bigger.
Think about all the storage space and the place destined for household appliances, from what really need to see contemporary designing the perfect kitchen for you, success is assured

Accessories Adds Beauty To Bedroom Decorating – Bedrooms are unadorned taste might feel empty and too rigid, it takes makeup so that the rest room more lively and colorful.

Accessories are known for this can add to the beauty, selecting the right accessories is not limited to certain types of goods, it could follow the tastes of the owner of the house. find this


bedroom space design


In a bedroom, where the mirror is a common presence is necessary because when the occupant wants to make up themselves. The mirror itself can be shaped mirror tables are small and can be placed on top of the dresser, can also mirror walls are large enough installed on the bedroom wall. In general, mirrored walls decorated using a frame on the edge, and now the mirror frame is available with a variety of games shapes and attractive colors. Besides functioning as a decorative element, the mirror could be one medium that can reflect light in different directions so that the lighting of your bedroom could be more optimal.


In the bedroom, where hours would have been very important because it can be used as a timer so you can remember the time off and the time of your move. Although its primary function is to bookmark the time, but the clock located on a table or mounted on the wall can be a decorative element with shapes and colors that can be adapted to the interior design of your bedroom. Model and design clock itself is now diverse, so it is not only limited numbers and needle but also complete with a variety of additional decoration, which certainly interesting. You end up so always remember to look at the clock.

Put some photos loved ones will certainly provide a positive effect on the atmosphere in the bedroom. The photos were later can be a very pleasant thing to look at every time you enter your bedroom, either when they want to rest and when you wake up in the morning. To beautify the look of these photos, you can place them in attractive frames with diverse shapes. You can also display large photos in the photo frame which has been mounted on the wall, or simply displaying photographs in a small picture frame “legs” that can be put on the table.

Table lamp

Table lamp or desk lamps are usually placed on a side table. In addition to functioning as a lighting source when you perform an activity or the activity of reading in bed, table lamps can also serve as decorative lighting which can provide accent lighting in your bedroom. At this time the shape of the lamp housing has been available in a variety of designs, so you can choose the type of table lamps in accordance with the interior design of your bedroom.


Every time you wake up in the morning, it seems less a bit uncomfortable when you have to set foot on the floor which was still cold. For that you should put a rug near your bed. In addition to convenience, the carpet also can beautify your bedroom floor with shapes and colors are beautiful and varied. Now the carpet is already available in a variety of game patterns and motifs. You should look for when choosing a rug is the type of fiber and material. There fine fibers are soft or coarse fibers, its size was no long or short and texture that can disguise footprints. Carpets are now also available in two types of materials that are natural and synthetic. Which belong to the natural materials are wool, sisal, and cotton fibers. While that include synthetic materials include nylon, olefin and polyester. Differences of material for the carpet will determine the durability of the carpet itself.


To add to the beauty or completeness of the dresser or side table in your bedroom, you can put a vase of flowers that will give freshness to the atmosphere of your bedroom. Form beautiful vases and colorful flowers that will certainly draw a positive effect on your mood every time you see it. In addition to vases, you can display a few statues of small ornaments with unique shapes and beautiful detail that can be used as your bedroom decor.

That’s the kind of accessories that normally exist in a bedroom, living you choose the shapes and colors that match the theme and concept of your bedroom so that your rest more comfortable.

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The biography of Neil Armstrong. His full name  Neil Alden Armstrong. He was born 5 August 1930, on the farm of his grandfather, Auglaizy County, Ohio. Neil Armstrong is the first astronaut US, the first person on earth who explore his foot on the surface of the month , using the best of Apollo 11 , on July 20, 1969. accompanied by Edwin Aldrin. Neil Amstrong which explore his feet for the first time when out of the air module, and were exploring the lunar surface. He is very keen to develop about the flight, or something that can be flown from the age of 13 years. He loved airplanes. When for the first time can fly a toy airplane at the age of 6 years, and from there he was so fascinated with the science of flight.

The biography of Neil Armstrong
In 1947, Neil Armstrong entered Purdue University. He began to learn about the science of flight technique. But in 1949 the US government calling for active citizens in the task of the state. He eventually became a pilot for the Navy, and was sent to Korea. in 1950, when it started happening Korean War. He flew the Panther jet fighter aircraft. In 1952 he returned to Purdue University.Completing education in the field of aviation (aeronautical engineering), graduating in 1955. After graduating from Purdue University, he proposed a pilot research institute, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics High-Speed ​​Flight Station at Edwards Air Force Base. But there was no vacancy desired. Application she was sent to the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory in Cleveland.Neil Armstrong began working there in February 1950.On his first day in Erdwards, he nearly had a plane crash. At that time he flew the B-29 Superfortress flew along commander Stan Butchart.Pada altitude of 30,000 ft (9 km), engine number 4 dead. With a frantic effort could finally landing safely with only two living machine, engine number 3 is turned off to avoid damage. August 15, 1957 flew the rocket-engine aircraft, the Bell X-1B, succeed penetrate an altitude of 11.4 miles (18.3 km), when he landed damaging the nose of the aircraft. 30 November 1960 flew the plane Nort American X-15, broke through 48.840 ft altitude (14.9 km), the peak speed of 1.75 times the speed of sound (1810 km / h). T33-Shooting Star aircraft crewed together Chuck Yeager who landed

emergency in a dry lake (Smith Ranch Dry Lake) May 21, 1962 with the F-104 aircraft, conduct inspections of the lake Delamar, back he had to make an emergency landing, because the wheels are not completely out. Armstrong seven-time flew by plane X-15. With the X-15-3 aircraft, he reached a height of 207 500 ft (63.2 km), with the X-15-1 aircraft reached 5.74 speed of sound (Mach 5.74 = 4,000 miles per hour). After leaving the Dryden Flight Research Center Armstrong has a record 2,450 hours of flying hours flying time from + 50 type aircraft ever to fly him. In 1957 he passed the selection in the Man In Space Soonest program. 1960 he Selected as members of the space shuttle program consultation X-20 Dyna Soar .. March 15, 1962 elected seven pilot planned to fly a spaceship, his name is entered into one of them. 13 september Armstrong makes recommendations to the NASA Astronaut Corp. December 23, 1968 he became commander of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission on July 20, 1969. Armstrong roam the lunar surface for 2.5 hours. The first time his feet touched the surface of the moon, he said:

…That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. (Sebuah langkah kecil bagi manusia, ,lompatan besar bagi umat manusia).

But the words were not caught by the NII radio transmission. Aldrin as the second person to set foot on the surface of the month after 15 minutes Neil Armstrong down on the lunar surface .. Before heading back to Earth of Neil Armstrong left a memento in the month of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Parent landings performed by air (command module) a small air space and landed well in the Pacific Ocean., Apollo11 ​​Crew picked up by the USS Hornet. After the Apollo 11 mission Neil Armstrong is no longer intend to perform space flight. He settled as Deputy Associate Administrator for aeronautics for the Office of Advanced Research and Technology (DARPA). He helped there only 13 months.Withdrawing from DARPA and NASA in August 1971. Then he taught aerospace engineering department (Department of Aerospace Engineering) at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to teaching in cincinnati he also taught at other universities, including the first his almater, Purdue University. Armstrong achieved the title of Professor of Aerospace Engineering (Professor of aerospace engineering.) At the University of Cincinnati. After nine years of teaching, in 1979 he retired to teach.Another is the last position in the field of chairman of the board of Computing Technologies for Aviation, a company that develops software for flight scheduling, held from 1982 to 1992. Neil Armstrong died after undergoing heart bypass surgery earlier this month because of suffering from coronary heart disease , as reported by Reuters on Saturday (25/8). He died at the age of 82 years on Saturday (25/8) when the United States or Sunday (26/8) Indonesia time.