The word investment has been traveling around the world. It becomes one of effective way to get profit. People can purchase something in order to earn income. You will get more money but you must face higher risk. So, knowing basic type of investment below will be a good start.

Basic Investment Type

Basic Investment Type

Ownership investments

Ownership investments is a condition where people buy valuable thing then wait and observe its value. The value of ownership assets will fluctuate with market conditions, potentially giving you a higher return than you might receive from lending your money ( Among many types of investment, this is the most popular investment and it is also quite profitable.

Ordinary people likely to purchase small item like jewelry for future investment. Gold is the common choice to invest. Other investments are profitable too however some are too expensive to purchase. A citizen who only works as a waiter has less possibility to purchase real estate for example. Some investment also can be treated to raise the value. For instance, in a case of real estate, people can work a remodeling or upgrade the building to raise the value.

Example: stock, business, real estate, precious object (e.g jewel, gold, famous painting, etc).

Lending investment

If your dream is to be a banker you don’t have to work in a bank to achieve that. With lending investment you will act as a banker who lends the money to companies. Shah posted on that, “When you get protection as a lender then you have certain rights in terms of security and in terms of payment of interest ahead of other ownership investors.” Compare to ownership investments, it has lower risk but might give less income than you think. The profit is based on interest rate during a certain period.

Example:saving account and bond.

Cash Equivalents

This investment makes you convert your money easily in a form of cash. A cash equivalent is a highly liquidinvestment having a maturity of three months or less ( You cannot call a cash equivalent if it s more than three month.

Example: market funds, commercial paper, marketable securities, money market holdings, short term government bonds, and treasury bills.

To invest on something, people don’t have to be an expert in finance, marketing, and so on. Though everyone can invest, the problem lay on the good observation. It is including the things you purchased and the market condition. Everything will work well as long as you make smart calculation. Remember that any type of investment has different risk and return.

Thinking about finance and investment might be too complicated for several people. But put money to work for your sake is easier than working alone. If you intend to be a millionaire for example, you need to work twenty four hours a day before you can leisurely enjoy your money. Investment will work alone to earn money while you are doing the hard work and get busy with your life.

Investment Mistakes

Wrong Impression Of Investment And Before You Invest

1. Investment is not gambling

The meaning of gambling is hoping for a benefit in uncertain condition. A true investor will calculate, observe, and complete analysis before, during, and after investment. Though people cannot escape from the risk and financial lost of investment there is a rational expectation to get income from it. People who gambling is like walking with closed eye, while people who invest is like walking with a pair of glasses.

2. Investment is not customer purchase

Consumer purchases – beds, cars, TVs and anything that naturally depreciates with use and time – are not investments ( Investment specializes in finance not others. Bad example is investing an entertainment by buying a LCD TV or investing healthy by buying a massage chair. It simply says that everything cannot be an investment or to be invested.

Hearing the risks of investment might cancel your intention to invest. Depend on your condition and situation; investment should not be taken as the only way to get profit. Rather you invest as an additional income. It is beneficial as your saving when you get old and take retirement. To earn money with less move is how investment working.

3. Determine your true objective.

As it has been said before an investment objective is varied for each person. Somebody can give all of his life to investment because need money to survive. He will observe carefully so that he doesn’t lost money. Another person is a rich and has more time. Here he can take longer time to earn profit and he will not be disturbed severely if sometimes he loses the money and face a bigger investment risk.

4. Consider your time.

To recover from loss and investment risk is not easy especially for older people. Therefore, the calculation should include any change that might happen suddenly. People never want to lose more than they can handle.

5. Knowing your personality.

“Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investors of all time, has said that the ‘key organ for investing is the stomach, not the brain.’ In other words, you need to know how much volatility you can stand to see in your investments” ( The stronger you are to tolerate and fight investment risk the more suitable you are to involve in investment.

You’ll get rich faster through this way, but by knowing the most common investment mistake above before you put your money into it, you will get a higher chance to reach the goal.

Motivation is needed in any aspect of life including in business. Is the business owner lack motivation? Are the employee lack motivation? Is everyone in company or organization doing have any motivation? This small thing called motivation will influence the business and without it everything will be a mess.
What is the effect of having no business motivation? You can read it below.

No Business Motivation

Bad conflict

One employee with low motivation can affect other employee to be the same as him. Other diligent employees might get angry with them to ruin the atmosphere in the workplace. A conflict can appear among the worker and this can be totally unrelated with work. The tense during working hours will be very tense if there is no one who uses common sense detect and solve this problem.

Bad health and mental

Start from one’s dissatisfaction, more people will be infected with this condition. If continue to spread with gossip and complain, it can be indicated as diminution morale. Some employees may get stress then decide to retire from the company.

Bad performance

Low or no motivation means the employees don’t have any spirit to finish and complete their task. More people will absent while there are still many unfinished project to meet a deadline but no one can handle this because the other employee left must complete their own project.

Low productivity

Low productivity is a consequence of not being motivated, and other employees may feel that they must work harder to compensate for unfinished tasks, said Deeb on

Losing customer

Unmotivated employees will give low service to the customer. The longer this situation living in a company, the customers will state complains. Consequently, the customers change to another company. A working partner (people or organization) will cut down their cooperation because they think the company has been losing its reputation.

Losing money

A company cannot achieve their monthly or yearly cause by unmotivated employees. There are two effects because of this.
First, the company gets less profit. The employees cannot receive their usual salary. Other payment such as electricity, transportation and production cost sometimes will be hard to pay.
Second, the employees who resign of fired because have low motivation should be replaced. To recruit new employees, a company might need to pay more money. It has been described well by Sale (2010) on that, “Bear in mind the advertising costs, recruitment agency fees, and the sheer time involvement in the selection and interviewing process.”

Remember that all of that should not be happened in a company or organization has good management. There is no smoke without fire. In order to prevent the risk of low motivation, you should know the cause first. Usually the cause comes from bad business owner, leader, or superior. Another cause is the company vision and mission that aren’t delivered and maintained properly.

It is normal to get bored with your business. Working is not a simple task. There are many things to handle. When the business gets worse people usually become stress. Sometimes they don’t have any motivation to get up and face the problem. Every business including your small business will also meet challenges and obstacles. Building a business is hard, so during those times you should be able to motivate yourself or get motivation for other. In short, business motivation is important.

Motivate Yourself For Your Business

Find the aspect where you lost your motivation

Personal matter

means the problem is not the bad business but your attitude toward it. Your business can be fine, but if you start to get bored all your hard work will fail.

  • Attending a self motivation seminar is a good way to pump up your passion. Choose a particular training or workshop focuses on your personal problem.
  • Hang out with your friends and you will realize that talking with them can release some of your stress. Even if they don’t have any relation with your business they will give you encouragement.
  • Take a break and get relax. You can read or listen to some material about motivation during your break while trying to reflect how you start your business.
  • Then continue to enjoy some entertainment like going to Disneyland or sport activities. Yes, you will have hundreds of messages to deal with when you return, but you will have a renewed focus and energy to do this, said Robertson (2004) on

Business Matter

You are in perfect condition, but no matter how hard you try every thing doesn’t seem work well for your business.

  • First you can have a conversation with your team or co-worker. They might get more clear explanation about what is happening in your business as well as give you more motivation.
  • Business entrepreneur group or community not only sharing problem and solution. With their network and capability they will give support and become the medicine for your business. You can have close relationship like a family with other members which mean you might not need to pay for their help.
  • Meet your customer is the next tips. Lou (2014) on said that, “Not only does customer feedback help you find more ways to improve your business, it will also help you generate new ideas to reinvigorate your business.” Either positive and negative opinion should help in rearranging your business for better direction.

After you get back your motivation start to make a new goal. With all the reflection and evaluation, you will know what your limit is and how you will handle it. Don’t be too greedy or hurry in running a business. Be reasonable to achieve and accomplish any task or goal step by step with a positive and clear mind.

A lot of people get excited about starting a home business but soon become discouraged. There are a lot of things you have to remember when you are starting a business, and a lot of special challenges arise when you have a business at home. Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated so you can start seeing a profit from your new business.


1. Think about what it will be like to be your own boss. Remember all the reasons you wanted to start a home business in the first place. Think about the flexibility you will have. Think about how wonderful it will be to work in your pajamas. Remember why a home business was attractive to you in the first place, and that will keep you going.

2. Get a mentor. When you are just starting out in business, it can be rough without any kind of roadmap. That’s where a mentor comes in. A mentor can help you figure out how to proceed, how to avoid mistakes, and lend an ear any time you have questions. A mentor can offer you a different perspective and help you to find new directions in which to expand.

3. Set goals. This is critical. Instead of spinning your wheels and attacking tasks as they present themselves, it is important for you to have goals so you have the right focus. Goals crystallize focus and give you something to aim towards. When you can concentrate your efforts so you can reach your goals, you are more likely to succeed.

4. Set a work schedule. It can be really tempting to get excited when you have no boss telling you when to get your work done. However, this can lead to constant work and strained relationships with family and friends. It is a good idea to keep normal business hours; if you don’t want to do that, consider working in specific blocks of time so people know when you are able to socialize and relax.

5. Set aside time for taxes. When you start a home business, your taxes are a little different than you might be used to. You have to pay self-employment tax and possibly other costs. It is wise to seek out an accountant to explain how your taxes have changed and what you can do to get deductions and other breaks.

6. Choose your clients or customers wisely. When you are starting your business, you might be willing to put up with certain behavior from clients because they are clients. However, one of the benefits of your own business is that you have the right to refuse to do business with those you find unreasonable. Take advantage of that, and your work will be much less stressful.

Starting a home business can be challenging, but it is certainly rewarding as well. It can be one of the greatest things you do in your life. Use the tips laid out here to make the most of your home business and watch it thrive.