Why would anyone want to learn how to milk a cow? If you own a cow, you must already know, and if you do not have cows you have no need to know how to milk a. Right? Well, raw milk has become very popular these days and many people who own land are looking to buy a dairy cow and have their own milk. But many of these people wonder how difficult it is to milk a cow. How long does it take? manfaat susu kolostrum power mix Just how long would it take every day to take care of milking a dairy cow.


Well there are a few things to consider. First, do you want to milk by hand or do you want to use a machine? If you have a type of cow that does not produce a lot of milk (eg, Dexter), you might want to just go ahead and milk by hand. This way there is no machine to clean up after and you will save a lot of time that way. And if the cow does not produce a ton of milk, it will not take too long to be milked by hand.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if you buy a cow that produces 5 gallons of milk per day (yes many cows make it more easily), you absolutely do not want to be treated manually. It will take considerable time and your hands would be very tired by the time you were done. In this case, a milking machine is the best course.

Do not worry about the price you see when you start looking on the machines. Head to eBay and there are a couple of people who build these machines. They sell for much less than brand new, come with a warranty, and work very well. I use one for years that I bought in this way, and it works great.

Thus, a machine will be useful and you’ll be done in no time, but then you need to clean the machine, so that does add some time to the chore. It is worthwhile, however.

Regarding the current process of trafficking, it is just a matter of taking every teat (there is an udder and teats four) and squeezing in a downward motion from top to bottom. If you’re a little weird at first, do not worry, everyone. Before long, you’ll be an old pro. You can milk in a stainless steel bucket and just cover with a thin cotton cloth held in place by an elastic band. This will keep any stray hair or debris from the dust of dust grains. Milk just through the fabric.

When you have finished milking, carry the bucket in the house and strain your milk through a filter in whatever containers you want to use. Half gallon jars work great. It is best to cool milk in the freezer for an hour or two to make very quick cold, then store in a very cold refrigerator and enjoy.

Is milk good for us?

The dairy industry would have you believe that all dairy products are good for you, lower blood pressure, increase in calcium in the bones, which in turn aids fractures heal faster. We have all seen the ads that stick in your mind that more than half of the population will not have read all the reports of the dairy industry in these claims, think of your childhood that you remember announcement.

The old milk ads is good for your teeth, milk fast food origin, CP3V (calcium, protein and vitamins 3) Milk white matter: So good cows want to come back!

Most of us and have been led to believe that the regular consumption of milk does not cause problems in the coronary artery and can actually protect against poor health, as this is what scientists told us.

These scientists say that concerns about milk and dairy products much could be harmful to health because it leads to high levels of cholesterol. In fact the heart disease death rate among regular milk drinkers have even been found to be lower.

The study of 25 of 5,700 Scottish men found that by heart disease mortality in men drinking more than a third of a pint of milk each day was 8% lower than those who drank less.

Deaths from cancer and stroke were 10% lower among regular drinkers of milk.
The benefits of milk could be related to its high calcium levels and this could counteract the negative effects of the saturated fat content of milk. This was a complaint by the dairy industry that tried to say that saturated fats are good for you.

However, there are two sides to each story. Dairy products are a health hazard. They contain no fiber or complex carbohydrates and are loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. The milk in some cases found to be contaminated with blood and cow pus and often contaminated with pesticide residues, hormones and antibiotics. Dairy covers cheese, eggs, milk, yogurt, etc. can be associated with constipation, obesity, heart disease, cancer, allergies and other diseases. reports around the world claim that adults 7 to 10 are lactose intolerant and cows to drink milk would seriously inflate them or cause diarrhea.

Yet despite the above, we humans drink some milk consider weird that we drink milk beyond the ‘Weening stage after birth, other people find it weird that we drink the milk of another animal and we feed the animal milk to our children on a daily basis, think back to school when most of us were given a bottle of milk on a daily basis in our early grades.

A report by Dr B Spook openly warned against the milk supply for young children because of the high protein, cholesterol and saturated fats often found in milk, he said that milk can cause allergies and insulin-dependent diabetes, among other conditions.

A report by the American Nurses and nursing Harvard study that began in 1980 and lasted 12 years followed a group of mostly women aged 34 to 59 and the report clearly showed that in most cases, milk does not prevent osteoporosis control, in fact, harga susu kolostrum power mix just the opposite milk can be a contributor to the formation of the state that the body draws calcium from the bones to help neutralize the proteins and lactic acids found in milk .. the study concluded that 67% who drank two or more of the recommended daily intake agenda industries were more likely to have a heart attack than those who drink whole milk.

milk--zThe low-fat milk is an exception to this, the study of Harvard nurses did show that those who drank low-fat milk and whole milk does not have a reduced risk of heart disease.

The report showed that low-fat milk is good for you in that it can help lower blood pressure.

This is where we as consumers must be aware that the industries of marketing campaigns and newspaper promises that all dairy products including whole milk is not true that we read in this report. So the next time you go to buy low-fat milk think and remember all modesty!

scientists have investigated the causes of acne. Now, for the first time, a dramatic image is now showing that milk is a major cause of acne. An article by Sanjida O’Connell (How a Pinta causes pimples, The 8 independent May 2007, USA) shows graphically how milk causes acne.

In the article, O’Connell explains that Julianne has never suffered from spots as a teenager, but when she was 28, she had terrible cystic acne along her chin and on her neck. An American, she traveled to Europe to learn to become a chef.

She decided to open a deli and a restaurant back in the States, so before returning home, she toured Europe, sampling every cheese she could find. As she told her story to the dermatologist Bill Danby, something clicked.. “Oh my God, it is cheese,” she said For six months, she cut all dairy products Meanwhile, it became 85 percent free of acne, and her skin continued to improve.

As Danby said: “The ability to develop acne is partly genetic and partly the result of hormone exposure [eg cow’s milk hormones] I tell my patients that genetics are the key that Paris Hilton has a lot of money and not. zits and my patients have lots of buttons and no money. ”

Acne can affect anyone at any age, but it usually peaks between 16 and 18, when up to 98 percent of the population of Western countries is affected. A link between cow’s milk and acne has been suggested because acne is much less common in parts of the world that consume less milk dairy. In addition to being socially excruciating, acne is costly – $ 5 billion is spent annually worldwide contractor.

What happens is that hormones in cow milk stimulate hair follicles of the glands, making them secrete more sebum than usual. This makes the hair follicles stick together and form a plug in the pore – the first visible sign of acne. The cap ‘clip’ the sebum canal and prevents sebum of free movement on the skin. The result is acne.

The milk is full of hormones: not only those intended to help the calf grow, but also those produced by the placenta to help the pregnant cow. Another concern hormone, insofar as acne is concerned, is IGF-1. Humans and cows make IGF-1 in their bodies. This hormone peaks at age 15 in girls and 18 in boys, coinciding with peak acne levels of.

IGF-1 is thought to work with testosterone and DHT to cause acne, and is strongly present in all types of cow milk: organic, inorganic, raw or pasteurized. So consume any type of cow milk will increase your levels of IGF-1, contributing to acne.

There is no shortage of evidence that cow’s milk is one of the biggest causes of acne. Dr. Walter Willett and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston studied more than 47,000 women who are part of a research project called the Nurses Health Study II.

women were asked to complete questionnaires on their diet as teenagers and to say whether they had been diagnosed with severe acne. The study found no link between foods such as chocolate and chips and acne, but found a clear link between women who had acne and those who drank a lot of milk.
Other research confirms this:

IGF-1 * [in milk] contributes to the increase in sebum production during the puberty.

* Approximately 80% of [dairy] cows are … throwing off hormones continuously … [milk] implicated as a factor in the development of acne … acne patients improved among teenagers when stopped drinking milk. (Frank Oski, M.D., Do not drink your milk, Teach Services, Inc.).

* Approximately 80% of cows that give milk are pregnant and throwing off hormones continuously … Dr. Jerome has found that acne improved when adolescents have stopped drinking milk. (Dr. George J. Georgiou, Ph.D., Clinical Nutritionist, milk – a recipe for illness, November 2002 worldwidehealthcenter.net).

It is, of course, a simple solution to help prevent acne: switch to non-dairy milk. You can buy the non-commercial dairy milk like soy and rice milk in some supermarkets. Better yet, make your own non-dairy milk. When made correctly homemade milk is super-nutritious and truly delicious, and of course, it does not cause acne.

Cream Kiloan As manager pH of the skin

Has a face that danced and white skin clean is the most in craved by every people, especially among women. With pure white skin and has an interesting face was not only loved by myself only, but you may also be loved by your spouse. In addition, by having an attractive face and white skin clean and will certainly make you appear more confident if you were in front of the crowd. For those of you who have tried a variety of products shopped can whiten your face, but still managed a good idea if you use cream face cream kiloan of us are formulated specifically by several pharmacists that have been reliable and also under the supervision of a doctor who is an expert and proficient in it.

Cream kiloan and can be purchased online from us today with a minimum order of 1 kg ie ½ kg for day cream and ½ kg for night cream. The cream must have permission from BPOM and also the health department. So you do not need kahwatir anymore if you want to use the cream, because cream is made from natural ingredients and do not contain merukri ssama. One of the advantages of this cream kiloan also is the relative price more affordable and more content or more of its volume. And the cream is equally good as the other creams.

If you are interested to use the cream. Yuk buy now and contact contact us. Laukan booking a way to send addresses and yourself completely and make the payment through a bank that has been our designated in accordance with the tariff or the price of cream that has been determined by us. And cream kiloan you are ready to order delivered to your door or to the address you provide. Yuk order now and get cleaner whites!

selling cream kiloan

Face cream is a very primary requirement bagu women. In fact, the use of facial cream for men is already commonplace. The use of facial cream in the afternoon and evening making facial cream demand is very much demand. But the rise or the amount of sales of face cream should make us cautious in buying a face cream. You must make sure the cream is safe and convenient to d disposable without causing side effects. In this occasion will be explained where the selling cream kiloan. Wholesale and cheap but safe and reliable. For the health of your skin. And also very cheap good for your everyday use.

Before you transact buy a cream kiloan is a lot then you should consider in advance what the content of the cream if there is content bwrbahaya for your skin. Because they wrong you or your carelessness when buying cream with dangerous chemical ingredients that interfere with fertility alan your skin. So for this case consider the composition of the cream and also see wdar permission or not. Because consumers are now very keen in buying the product so watch your product will sell. Better content of the cream that contains herbs and had permission from bpom ri. Distributor face cream cheap and safe at the same time reliable just cheap. In addition to selling a cream kiloan we also sell other creams that are already in the form of packaging. So you no longer need to pack to sell it.

Cream nice face a face cream made by experts. Because it might be made in the composition that is very fitting for the face. Berguana face cream to whiten and give vitamins to the skin of your face so white and toned. And also remove stains black plaque on the skin. If your own use or for resale then you can buy it in our store kiloan. Cream kiloan is inexpensive and can be purchased online at our store. If you are interested contact our online store. A few explanations on this occasion may be beneficial to you.

Advantages and disadvantages Telkomsel

Local mobile phone users are now given the choice to wear a lot of mobile cards what he thought made him feel more comfortable with the ease and accuracy of communication provided by the service or the service provider. In contrast to a few years ago where the cellular operators in Indonesia is still very limited, only Telkomsel with its superior product sympathy, then there Indosat (Mentari and IM3), followed selanjuntya XL Axiata.
If the first choice is very limited, conditions are very different now. Now we have the Three (3), Axis, or other products from Telkomsel, XL and Indosat. Each operator has its advantages and disadvantages of each. For the customer, what they want is certainly a smooth communication system, but at an affordable cost, both for telephone charges, messaging or the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages Telkomsel
Telkomsel is the oldest mobile telecommunications company in Indonesia. In accordance with his age, Telkomsel has a number pangguna most to this day. Consumers Telkomsel reach tens of millions of people at the age of 17 years. Telkomsel has advantages in the sector of the region. Telkomsel network wider than other mobile carriers. This reflects the existence as the oldest mobile operator.
Telkomsel main shortcoming lies in the expensive fare. Telkomsel is the operator with the overall presentation of the most costly item. Telkomsel set prices high enough to charge the phone, messaging, internet access and many other services. In addition, when compared to the great man who has the most number of consumers with an extensive network, communication using Telkomsel cards yet to be at the level of speed and accuracy. In some areas plosok, Telkomsel signal is still extremely difficult to obtain, which means they do not meet the network of towers around a reputable operator. And should the price can be adjusted to serve.

Advantages and disadvantages of Indosat
Indosat including the oldest operator after Telkomsel. Excess Indosat lies in Traif slightly cheaper than Telkomsel. No wonder the beginning of IM3 in launching many are turning to the IM3 due to applied rates are much cheaper with Telkomsel’s tariffs applicable at the time. IM3 is the first local mobile operator dare to give a bonus sms with the bonus amount that very much.
Disadvantages associated with the Indosat network is still not covering all regions in Indonesia. Telkomsel also not yet fully have a covered area which is nice, but the network Indosat were still some distance below Telkomsel.

Advantages and disadvantages XL Axiata
XL Telkomsel and Indosat is not that old, but XL has several advantages that could overcome the privilege Indosat and Telkomsel. XL excess of which is speed internet access. Speed ​​internet using the XL card clearly was far above Telkomsel and Indosat. Although Telkomsel with its ad berjibun oust them as the fastest in practice internet connection using the XL card is much faster than using Telkomsel card. In addition, XL also has a very nice appearance, this is evidenced by the strong radiation signal XL in many places (plosok). Rarely experienced network trouble, fast and innovative.
One drawback XL which still makes some users prefer Indosat is a factor in the price / tariff. Overall XL rates are still expensive.

use Cream HN on a regular basis for maximum results


Choosing a Cream HN is not easy. This is because the more who do need a cream for the face because it is important for the appearance. Appearance is one thing to be kept current. Any activity does require a variety of ways to support you, one appearance problem. Starting from the appearance of clothing, until the skin is needed now. Choosing Cream HN also allows you to have good skin, and certainly very frugal in your pocket. Given it is now a lot of cream that has a high price that is hard for you to have, and this Cream HN that can be your right choice.

Many uses can you have when using a Cream HN. Some of them are able to make your skin becomes flushed and teenagers back. Activity that is in your activities, of course not always be in a room full of coolant. Sometimes a lot of activities that are outdoors that makes you meet directly with sunlight. Obviously this will make the skin becomes dull and dry, if it does not get special treatment. One way is to use a cream that can actually help you. Additionally, you can also have skin that is flushed.

Surely you know not, that flushed skin is one thing to be desired. Do not have to have white skin, but the skin flushed it is one thing that makes your pores become healthier. Because if your pores are not healthy, then the dirt will quickly get into your skin. It is indeed to be considered properly. Aside from knowing the benefits you can get from face cream, you also have to figure out the right dose to use. Not too much, because sometimes cream has to have the right level for your skin PH skin. Obviously, the Cream HN Asli also has a dose you can see, and you use on a regular basis for maximum results.

Cream HN Original has now been found on a nearby market that is reliable

Skin that is in the face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. This is because sometimes there will be excessive irritation if you’re one to wear makeup or cosmetics. This makes many who find out about Cream HN. Some think negative and positive. In fact, if you investigate further, a cream that can be purchased kiloan in fact safe for use on skin, if you look for it appropriately. There are several advantages to be had, if you use the cream on the market. This is of course if you really adjust dosages are also appropriate.

Cream HN many on the market, we have to look and functionality. Such as skin tightening function, or may make your skin glow white and blushing, is one that is much needed for today’s facial skin. The above advantages it is one answer to healthy skin. Our skin, has a different pH, and thus has a different health. Obviously, this will make use of the various types of cream will depend on your desire. Cream has a substance or substances that are different and we can choose as like material containing natural bleach, and several other functions.

In addition, other advantages are there in the cream can be used to cleanse the pores and pores. This will prevent dirt get into the skin of your face. As a result, the face will shine. In addition, there is a dose which you can choose. Typically, you can use the cream during morning, evening or afternoon, and evening. This will determine the outcome of the cream. The more you are regularly using the cream, you will be more optimally make your skin maintained. Cream HN Original has now been found on a nearby market that is reliable and has ingredients that are safe for the skin. Do not let you choose the wrong cream.

Telkomsel internet packages

Telkomsel subscribers now more and more, both from the young to the old. Especially now that more and more users are demanding smartphone users buy Internet package in order to use their smartphone more optimal. Most of them prefer products Telkomsel as the mainstay of their internet packages. Telkomsel internet packages SimPATI & Ace super cheap, as rampant growth of digital world, it can not be denied that the presence of smartphones it is considered very important in today’s digital era. Up needs an internet connection both for personal and corporate also shot up.

Beloved in Indonesia alone, the mobile provider still dirajai by Telkomsel. Besides XL Axiata, Indosat, Smartfren, and Bolt, Telkomsel Indonesia because many people have already proven their presence spread to remote. In addition to being used as a communication access, Telkomsel also with product Simpati and As its offer internet packages for connecting smartphones with cyberspace.

Telkomsel users must already know how to register an internet package Sympathy or Ace, as well as price. If you are a heavy user of the Internet by using a smartphone, of course, buy an internet package Telkomsel with the normal price would be considered expensive, unlike when buying when there are promos or discounts.

Well, lately many netizens on the internet and in medsos share how your internet package Telkomsel SimPATI and Ace’s. Why not, the internet package price is below the official rates issued by the provider, in this case Telkomsel. As an internet package 8GB with the use of a 30-day period priced at 50,000, 4,5GB package lifespan of 30 days priced at Rp30,000. How can that’s so? How to?

The normal price internet package Telkomsel SimPATI 8GB if purchased through access * 363 # priced around Rp245 thousand. However, if you use this access, the price of the 8GB internet package only Rp50 thousand. Okay, just discussed tips and how your internet package Telkomsel this cheap.

The first step to get a package of cheap internet is by typing * 550 * 890 #, * 550 * 933 #, * 550 * 99 #, * 550 * 912 #, * 550 * 911 #, * 550 * 910 #, * 550 * 909 #, * 550 * 908 #, * 550 * 907 #, * 550 * 906 #, * 550 * 905 #, * 550 * 904 #, * 550 * 903 #, * 550 * 902 #, * 550 * 901 # , * 550 * 805 #, * 550 * 801 #, * 550 * 8 #, * 550 * 790 #, * 550 * 730 #, * 550 * 7 #, * 550 * 690 #, * 550 * 600 #, * 550 * 555 #, * 550 * 55 #, * 550 * 530 #, * 550 * 52 #, * 550 * 51 # or * 550 * 505 # on your smartphone using Telkomsel provider.



Purchasing Flowers For Different Occasions

Occasionally, the person that is buying flowers understands that they want to send fresh blossoms, however is not sure which selection is most ideal for each unique occasion. Asking the floral designer for guidance means that the blossoms you buy will certainly be the remarkable present you want to send out.

Prior to you ask a flower designer to supply roses to your cherished on Valentine’s Day, make sure they are fresh so that they do not die a couple of days later! The decision involved in purchasing flowers on this unique vacation is relatively simple since roses are the traditional selection.

At Easter, individuals commonly like acquiring blossoms to embellish churches. If you wish to send out fresh flowers to your local church but have no idea which variety to pick from the broad choice of florals available in the springtime, ask your flower shop for assistance. Flower designers are seasoned and also understand exactly what sort of blossom plan is appropriate for every event, consisting of Easter Sunday. Making the best choice, it’s constantly a great idea to consult the flower designer.

When purchasing blossoms for Mother’s Day, it’s very important to buy them well in advance. Mom’s Day, in addition to Valentine’s Day, are both busiest times of year for flower designer deliveries. Many individuals have actually lately switched from getting flowers for Mother’s Day to getting flower shop deliveries of attractive gift baskets. One advantage that baskets have more than fresh cut blossoms is that your mother could enjoy the gift for weeks or even months. Wine as well as cheese baskets could make a beautiful, refined Mother’s Day present. In addition to assorted red and also white wines as well as selected great cheeses, the baskets can additionally hold any kind of number of additional items such as specialty biscuits, smoked salmon, Belgian chocolate and also unique nuts. If your mommy takes place to like wine, she’ll be fantastically amazed to get a fresh flower shop distribution of this kind of basket. To include a more personal touch to your present, bear in mind to include any kind of certain wines that you know she appreciates.

One-of-a-kind present baskets are additionally appreciated on lots of various other events when you would generally be acquiring flowers. Instead than to send fresh blossoms as a housewarming gift, choose one of the lots of gift baskets readily available at your floral designer’s.

Most individuals know that purchasing blossoms as a ‘obtain well’ gift is a lot more a symbolic gesture than anything else. Rather than send fresh flowers, think about flower designer shipments of ‘obtain well’ present baskets. Your florist can show you an option of unique gift baskets that make actually terrific ‘get well’ gifts and also will certainly help anybody feel much better.

As you could see, there are lots of unique occasions when receiving floral designer deliveries of gift baskets conveys a much more individualized message compared to buying blossoms. See your regional flower designer to check out the full array of fresh florist food baskets you could send your loved ones, and do not forget that the best aspect of gift baskets is their versatility. Any present basket can conveniently be adjusted to your preferences (and also those of the individual you take care of), making it an absolutely special present alternative.

Many people have recently changed from getting blossoms for Mommy’s Day to buying flower designer distributions of attractive present baskets. Rather than to send out fresh blossoms as a housewarming present, choose one of the lots of gift baskets available at your florist’s. Rather than send out fresh blossoms, think about floral designer deliveries of ‘obtain well’ present baskets. Your flower shop could reveal you a choice of special present baskets that make actually wonderful ‘get well’ presents and also will assist anybody feel a lot better. As you could see, there are many special occasions when receiving flower designer shipments of present baskets communicates a much more personalized message compared to buying florals.

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