Automated Clearing House ACH
The megabank quietly increased its dollar limit to $2, 500 from $1, 000 on mobile peer-to-peer payments, which the bank formally calls its Email/Mobile Transfer Network Service. Our SWIFT payment service is suitable if you would like to make a world money Kode Bank BCA to some country that’s not section of our Citi Global Transfers service, as money might be sent to most countries in many currencies. Transfer profit Euros securely, easily and completely free of charge to other Euro account inside the Single European Payment Area. You must quote the appropriate recipient IBAN number upon the funds transfer request like the beneficiary account number. Your Credit Card doubles to the funds transfer along with a cash advance fee and interest will apply.
When one company asked for verification that it was eventually indeed the bank they had been speaking with, the man or woman on another end, told them to be able to hang up and await a verification call from variety upon the Banks website. A call is available in making use of the legitimate bank phone number and results in a 4 digit code, later the man phones back up, tells the man or woman the verification code, as proof, then asks to carry on. Please note that Kode Bank BCA of funds given by a Joint-All account or maybe a Trust Account Isn’t allowed.
You may even complete your initials, which will just be sent together included in your fund transfer details towards the recipient’s bank. The Add New Other Bank Recipient” service allows you to add nearly a maximum of 20 recipients. Please note the Bank cannot check the accuracy from the recipient’s account number, because this information Isn’t accessible to us. Therefore, we advise one to check along with your recipient’s bank in case you are unsure from the bank code, branch code and also the account number. Input the required details : the recipient, your debiting account number, along with the amount you like to Kode Bank BCA.
Kode Bank BCA
You are able to see fit to carry the transfer immediately or set a future date to the transaction taking place. For Non-Instant Funds Transfers, transfers performed before 8pm on the working day (Monday to Friday), the funds debited from the DBS or/POSB account will just be available towards the receiving account two working days later. For fund transfers to accounts of another bank, you are able to Kode Bank BCA nearly a pre-set daily limit of S$1, 000.
For FAST Kode Bank BCA transactions, you’ll be informed in the event your transaction is successful instantly upon the completion page. For Non-Instant Funds Transfers, in case the recipient’s bank rejects the interbank fund transfer, for instance, due to an invalid account number, the money will just be returned within your debiting account on another working day following the transfer. However, please note that the account will just be debited one working day until the effective date of transfer.
For instance, when you have specified your interbank fund transfer to become effected on Friday 23 Jan 2015, your account will just be debited on Thursday 22 Jan 2015. This limit will tie in with both immediate and future transfers done on a single day. Build a one-time transfer or came upon a recurring transfer and also have the money automatically transferred with a frequency you finally choose. Begin to see the mobile banking terms and conditions inside the PNC Online Banking Service Agreement.
No. Your daily limit for funds transfer between DBS or POSB accounts is applicable for transfers with other DBS or POSB accounts, whereas your daily limit for funds transfer to an alternative bank’s account is applicable for transfers to an alternative bank. Move money amongst your PNC accounts, amongst your PNC accounts and accounts you own elsewhere, even send money within your family and friends 1 No checks, no cash, not also a trip towards the bank.

Bank Visa Signature Kartu Kredit BRI Members
Enjoy Great Discounts at over 600 merchants across Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand together with your CIMB card! Use Kartu Kredit BRI BCA for transactions at your home and abroad, and relish various advantages as special as attractive promotions at many merchant of preference worldwide, Installment facility BCA with mild interest, Reward BCA who are able to direct you to make use of, and facilities for AutoPay BCA for simple payment various regular bills.
It makes no sense in employing a bin checker for Kartu Kredit BRIs when you already understand that the database is outdated regarding the data kept in its old as in that case database BIN checker won’t be Able to provide you with each of the Necessary details that you will be attempting to find and additionally there isn’t any preciseness inside the details which you receive because the database Isn’t as many as date for you effects the overall performance of the charge card BIN checker.
This link is provided to your convenience only and shall not be Considered or construed being an endorsement or verification of that linked website or its contents by CIMB Bank. CIMB Bank makes no warranties on the status with this link or information included in the website you’re on the point of access. Liu was the winning bidder for Amedeo Modigliani’s Reclining Nude with a Christie’s auction Earlier this month, offering $ 170. 4 million – and as soon as the sale closes, he’ll be putting it on his American Express card.
Kartu Kredit BRI
He put a $ 36-million tea cup coming from the Ming Dynasty on his AmEx last year, In step with reports, along with other artifacts placed on his card Earlier in 2012. He and his wife said they plan on using Reviews their American Express card to purchase the Modigliani, In step with news reports as the sale. China Enables its citizens to transfer less than $ 50, 000 away from the country in a year, and using his Liu’s card could help him get around this limit Because he is just paying back the American Express as well as bank in China who issues his card. Your financial info is contained with your charge card and bank statements.
Kartu Kredit BRIs with Reviews their points (that can be employed totally free ” air travel along with other goods and services) are just another example of Phishing for Phools. You will get mailers from Reviews These companies each month, usually charge card statements and bank reports. Furthermore, never throw away bank and charge card statements without shredding them. Because this is actually the traditional method thieves use credit is stealing your information with a lost card statement. Please note, View Kartu Kredit BRI statement Temporarily facility is deactivated.
If you’ve got a public profile, they could simply use your name, birthdates, and cellphone number to trace back additional information relevant to your finances. When you use your personal information as passwords within your bank accounts, Easily thieves can hack it and withdraw money out of your bank. To some thief, which means that your checking account and charge card information are just clicks away.
Moreover, smartphones now feature applications which will link your bank and charge card accounts within your phones : You’re just clicks from the paying your bills or checking the status of those accounts. Also she covers topics on good top why you should monitor-to-monitor credit-credit-regularly/and tactics to Prevent identity theft -on-how-to-Prevent-identity-theft/for any safe identity and credit usage. Important information for ICICI Bank Visa Signature Kartu Kredit BRI members upon the Priority Pass benefit.

Amazon Instant Video is now available on Google TVs
Amazon Studios said it will produce and acquire original movies for theatrical release and early-window distribution on Amazon Prime Instant Video starting in 2015. This app does not work This app stopped working on my smart TV a few months ago. I will no longer use Amazon for renting or buying streaming movies even on my supported devices. Amazon Instant Video is now available on Google TVs (earlier Google TV devices like the Logitech Revue and Sony Beyond TVs and Blu-ray players are not compatible with this new application). Downloads are currently available to Prime members in the US, UK, Germany, and Austria.
Amazon’s selection of movies and TV shows for purchase matches anyone’s, and its prices are always competitive with—and very often lower than—Apple’s. A quick run-through of both a movie that I own through Instant Video and one that I streamed through my Prime membership showed that the service works quickly, smoothly, and crisply. And for me it was download an app (Amazon Underground) to then download another app (Prime video) to then see the movie, but can’t download it unless I’m wifi because Amazon says due to internet data restrictions, this file is more than 50mb and can’t be downloaded on your cellular plan (um unlimited).
So far I’m heard nothing of any Amazon Original Series worth watching from either any co-workers or anywhere on the internet, ign, imdb, etc. As for TV shows, no new seasons, so Hulu is already a better option, and even their back catalog seems like they picked up DVDs from an honest-to-god Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video store, and movie collection seems like reject offerings from Redbox.
Netflix has them beat on TV Series, Original Series (Sense8 and Daredevil come to mind) and movies. I’ve got a 64G external SD Card on my tablet just for media, but downloading a few episodes of TV to my tablet pretty much fills up my internal memory. I’m not very experienced with Android, but I don’t want this app to have that much power. Note: If your app is the one that is on a Green Background with the name INSTANT VIDEO, this is the old app. After step #2, you may be able to search for and install the app directly and avoid steps 4-5. However, Amazon needs to get the app setup so it can be transferred to an SD Card, therefore storing movies there also.
Previously on those two platforms, the download feature was available only for titles Amazon customers owned outright; the subscription title offline viewing benefit was limited to Kindle Fire tablets. The advantages of offline viewing are immediately apparent; you don’t have to fight a stuttering connection, or abandon your show when there’s no readily available Internet. If the move forces Netflix to reverse course and offer offline viewing as well, all the better for the rest of us.
Prime Video is just one spoke of the company’s churning Prime wheel, alongside free two-day shipping, Prime Music, unlimited photo storage, and more, all for what amounts to $8.25 per month—a quarter more than the cheapest Netflix plan. If Prime Video’s combination of content and features manages to be even fractionally as good as Netflix, Amazon gets what it wants. But Guy Ritchie’s big screen revival of 60s TV series is perhaps the most stylish of them all.
Even that can be a fruitless task at times though, with so many apps and channels to scan through and so many TV programmes and movies on offer. It’s also based in New York rather than London, and the fourth season is currently screening each week on Sky Living, so you can catch up with the first four episodes and the previous three series on NOW TV. The second of Netflix’s major home grown movies arrives exclusively on the streaming platform and while it seems to pastiche Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful 8, that’s almost in title and the Western theme alone. With a ton of great movies and TV shows available, you can find the perfect title to match your mood.

Customize with your financial condition 

Ring for a cover made of gold diamond does look perfect and luxurious, but if it had to drain a lot of money in the pocket of your wallet, there should also be well considered. Not intended stingy with your partner, but because after the application is of course still many other needs for a wedding, it helps you and your spouse also make savings. In order not to have the impression that you are stingy, then Communicate this to your sweetheart before buying a ring that you want to pair.

Installation of the right eye 

After choosing the right eye for a ring band, then to install, you must also watch carefully.Previously, know how hobby or activity that is preferred by your partner. This is so that when the ring is used to move not to carry the risk of losing the eye ring. The options are:

  • If you like the lover of outdoor activities such as nature lovers or other sports are demanding a lot of moving, then the installation of the eyes should be lower than the position of the ring that are not easily separated or snag other objects,
  • When a couple more calm and really liked the indoor activities, the installation of the more prominent eyes will certainly be very interesting and does not carry the risk of escape.

Selection durability ring 

A good ring must be durable course both in terms of shape and color. Because the ring will often experience a lot of friction when used, intentionally or not, it can only make the quality or shape. Or if the shape does not change, but the color will fade over time, this would be a bit disappointing you someday. Therefore, you should choose a material that is strong enough. Pure 24 carat gold is beautiful and luxurious, but in fact the higher the karat of gold owned by the texture will be more soft and definitely susceptible to fading. Platinum is the best kind, but for more fancy colors can be mixed with other metals such as gold.

Buying with someone who understands 

The last thing you need to do to select the right ring is bought with the people who know about the precious objects. Of course, this is done when you want to buy a ring with a diamond throne where the price and quality is certainly above average. This is so that you are not deceived by the seller at a later date.

Those are some secrets you should know before choosing the right ring for a couple who would you bring to the wedding. It is also necessary to ask for a certificate of authenticity from a precious stone, if you use eye ring use precious stones to ensure the authenticity and quality.

Indigenous Arts and Culture Papua


S eni and culture papua_ Papua formerly Irian Jaya island’s most eastern region of Indonesia. As the island is also famous for the wealth of his produce, the people of the island of Papua were also has a wealth of the diversity of art and culture .
Awanzo Blogs
* A variety of arts and culture in Papua?
Let us together look at the indigenous variety of art and culture in Indonesia’s easternmost island!
As one of the art culture in Papua there is no harm we can call it the art of our culture as well, although not all the Companions Awan who read this article are from the island of Papua. Whether it was from Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi, or other islands in private clouds can not call them one by one.
The grounds are what we could call the art and culture of Papua are also a variety of arts and culture we? The answer is only one, that Papu A is one of the region under the auspices of the Homeland, with the philosophy of Unity in Diversity .
So it is not wrong if we call diversity of art and culture of Papua tantamount to mention the wealth of our diversity of art and culture of Indonesia, we need to keep and lestarik a n existence.
which we will take as an example of the richness of diversity of art and culture of Papua are:
 => First _ Traditional musical instruments Tifa.


Tifa is one of the percussion instruments that looks almost like a drum. Tifa musical instrument made ​​of wood which, on to a n the middle of the timber is made ​​large holes were cleaned / left empty. And then the end of one of the timber is covered with reindeer skins using dried beforehand, is intended to Tifa musical instrument can produce a sound that is beautiful and good.
Tifa musical instrument is often played as a traditional musical instrument or to escort a variety of traditional dances such as: war dance, Asmat traditional dance, and dance Gatsi.
Aside from Papua musical instrument is also derived from the embarrassment, so between Papua and Maluku have the same musical instrument. But everything is not what is important is the wealth of art in the archipelago of Indonesia.
=> Second _ traditional Papuan dance.


As a region rich diversity of art and culture, Papua has a few traditional dances that became the hallmark of the Papuan people used to call as Yosim Pancar (Y0SPAN), in this dance terdapap some form of motion dances including dance hoe Three, dance Seka, Sajojo, dance ballad and dance Cendrawasih. Traditional dance of Papua is often at play in different occasions like to welcome honored guests, welcoming the foreign tourists who come to Papua and is played in traditional ceremonies.
=> Third _ Traditional Clothing Papua.


Papua custom clothing for men and women are similar. Tersebuta wearing traditional clothing ornaments such as a headdress in the form of birds of paradise, bracelets, necklaces, and belts of beads and fringe at the ankle.
=> The four _ Traditional House Papua.


Name of the original house is Honai namely Papua Papuans typical house inhabited by the Dani. Material for making houses and Honai of wood with a conical roof made of straw or reeds. Honai traditional house has a small door and no windows. Generally Honai house consists of two floors that consists of the first floor to the bed while the second floor is used as a place to relax, eat, and to do handicrafts.


is very rare and probably very few farmers are aware that plants require organic matter for survival. Not a few farmers who think that if the use of chemical fertilizers which many will get results very much anyway.

At this time a lot of the actors (farmers) who use chemicals for fertilizing, and has a tendency to be more give fertilizer chemical, because the results which is expected to be high but from time to time actually decreased rather than increased.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, showed data that was terrible against our agricultural land, lots of land country pupuk organik of Indonesia has organik matter content of less than 1%. While the variety of experiences and research experts say the levels of organic matter in the soil would be very helpful in maximizing the results obtained businesses (farmers).

A little history of Indonesia concerning the need Fertilizers

Before the independence of Indonesia, farmers are happy to use organic fertilizers cultivated agriculture compared with fertilizer Inorganic (Chemistry).

But the facts to be reversed when the 1960s farmers began to use a lot of chemicals in cultivated agricultural, more worrying role of organic fertilizers be considered no role in agriculture so that more farmers ignore it.

the production of fertilizers Chemistry also from time to time is growing very rapidly, so that when the count is price, then inorganic fertilizer (chemical) becomes very cheap compared with organic fertilizer.

And supported by at many improved varieties are from various studies more suitable and better when using inorganic fertilizer (chemical). Resulting in many reality found agricultural land degraded, resulting in declining levels of organic matter from agricultural land.

Solutions to Overcome Setbacks Organic Materials on Agricultural Land

Facts in by many experts stating that agricultural land is actually in need of organic fertilizer as a source of fertilizer and substances hara, instead of artificial fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are also very useful as a soil ameliorant or improve the quality of the land as farmland.

The use of green manure

Green manure is one of the organic fertilizer obtained and acquired agricultural land very cheaply and easily.

The source of green manure can be retrieved and obtained from plants or plants that are not useful (which is usually burned by farmers). It also can be obtained from the remains of plants s9sa which is the remainder of the harvest.

The simplest way of processing of green manure is a way to immerse raw materials or to the conduct of composted for faster results.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer (green manure)

  • The benefits will be felt by farmers are increasing the productivity of agricultural land. Due to the increased levels of organic matter and nutrients in the soil, then by itself will improve the properties, chemistry and biology had land or agricultural land.
  • Other perceived benefits are more easily perform processing of land because the land is getting better
  • The price of organic fertilizer is cheap and very easy to obtain from nature
  • Organic fertilizer contains micro elements are more complete than with chemical fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizer will give life badi soil microorganisms
  • Another advantage of organic fertilizer that has the ability to mobilize or bridging nutrients in the soil so that it will form the ion particles that are easily absorbed by plants
  • Has the ability to release nutrient soil very slowly and continuously, will help prevent excess supply of nutrients that make the plant poisoning
  • Being able to keep moisture out of the soil, thus reducing the pressure or stress on the plant soil structure
  • Being able to help prevent erosion of topsoil
  • Able to maintain and take care of soil fertility
  • Benefit to human health, because a lot of the content of nutrients and a more complete and more

The high demand for air conditioning systems for high society make PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia presents AC power efficient, Panasonic Alowa +.

“The latest series of AC Alowa + provide a healthy living experience for its users while helping to reduce electrical energy consumption. Based on these facts, we are targeting the product for consumers who have a home of our middle-power 1300 watt. We hope our products can be a solution for users who want to get better air quality at the same time can save electricity by 20%, “said Ichiro Suganuma, President Director of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.

The advantages of AC Panasonic Alowa + comes with an environmentally friendly concept that can save electricity usage while delivering clean air. Panasonic Alowa + comes equipped with Nanoe-G technology that can deactivate bacteria in surface and air. AC Alowa + Panasonic comes in two types, namely AC Alowa + Deluxe low watt and Alowa + Standard Low watt. For AC Alowa + Deluxe low watt, has been equipped with the system Econavi and Nanoe-G and available in 3 types: Type CS / CU-XC5PKJ 1/2 size PK-320 Watt, Type CS / CU-XC7PKJ 3/4 size PK-320 Watt, and Type CS / CU-XC9PKJ size 1 PK-660 Watt.

Clicking Here: pabx panasonic


AC Alowa + with Econavi feature is able to save electricity in two ways to detect human activity and detect empty rooms. AC Alowa + has a sensor capable of detecting the activity in the room. If it detects a low activity in the room, the air conditioning feature will automatically raise the temperature by 0.3? Celsius and through the same features of activity in the room when the air conditioner will reverse the temperature rises to its original position. AC Alowa + is also able to detect the empty space so that the temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius automatically within two hours.

While feature-G on AC Nanoe is useful as an air purifier that is capable of disabling and crippling 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are harmful both in the air and stuck in the room. Air purifying system is also able to work even if the AC is turned off. Alowa + can also be used as air purifiers simply by activating Nanoe-G via the remote.

For AC Alowa + Standard Low Watt, available in 3 models: mode selection CS / CU-KC5PKJ size 1 / 2PK-320 Watt, Type CS / CU-KC7PKJ 3/4 size PK-530 Watt and Type CS / CU-KC9PKJ size 1 PK -660 Watt. Alowa + AC Standard Low Watt comes with Smart Eco System and Anti Bacterial Filter. Smart Eco system will automatically raise the temperature of 1? Celsius every two hours to prevent excessive cooling at the time of the morning without turning off the air conditioning so that energy saving of up to 10 percent. And with a system of anti-bacterial AC, this feature is very useful to deactivate viruses and bacteria that can cause allergies in humans if inhaled air.

Porridge Recipe Marrow Legit Practical – Who is not familiar gruel? Porridge this one being one of the porridge of the most familiar among the people, especially in the area of Java. Although the basic color is white, but it’s not as simple as the color. A taste of rice flour that has been mixed with various ingredients are equipped with liquid brown sugar will melt in your mouth. This delicious gruel very suitable eaten with your large family. Make your own gruel in your home can be a pretty good choice because you can choose the ingredients themselves are certainly healthy. We’ll share the recipe gruel that is easy to apply even for those who had never made ​​it.
Porridge Recipe Marrow
porridge marrow
Ingredients to make gruel:

Prepare 100 grams of refined rice flour
Fine salt about 1/2 teaspoon (to taste)
3 pieces of pandan leaves enough
About 650 ml coconut milk
Brown Sugar Sauce Ingredients:

Mineral water 100 ml
About 200 grams of brown sugar
2 pieces of pandan leaves enough
Cinnamon to taste
How To Make Porridge Marrow:

To apply gruel recipes are legit, the first step you should do is fill in the coconut milk, and salt to taste in a saucepan.
Do not forget to add add 2 pandan leaf so that the slurry becomes more savory aroma. Mix well. Simmer over medium heat, then enter the rice flour. If you can use rice flour is still fresh or freshly ground. But if you did not have, alternatively you can use rice flour on the market.
In making gruel indeed bother easy, if you do not know the right dose of cooked rice flour will clot or too hard. To insert the flour little by little so that the flour does not clot. Keep stirring until thick porridge and overcooked.


Porridge Recipe Marrow


To make a brown sugar sauce, mix the mineral water and brown sugar. Remember to add pandan leaves and cinnamon that is more fragrant brown sugar sauce. Stir continuously during the boiling process so that the sugar does not burn. Cook until slightly thickened sugar water. Remove the pan and then immediately filtered in order to get brown sugar sauce that was really clean.
In presenting this legit gruel that the start by setting up a beautiful bowl to make it more attractive. Take porridge to taste, put in a bowl and then pour the sauce brown sugar to taste. Decorate top of porridge with bits of pandan leaf as garnish in order to look more colorful mush. Serve the porridge in a state that is still warm to make it more delicious.
Well that was a recipe gruel that is quite easy for you to apply at home. Indeed, for those of you who has tried will be a little difficult but if you’ve started to practice it will be really easy. By making itself can be sure you get the desired results because you could be the creation of making gruel according to your tastes. For example, you do not like the coconut milk, the milk powder can be alternatives. You only need milk powder about 3 tablespoons. Hopefully this recipe gruel useful for you.

Genuinely believing how meals before bedtime can contribute to accumulation of kilograms comes to test veracity. In fact, the only thing that matters is that daily calorie intake matches the daily needs of the body. When do we get those calories entered in the organism, it has nothing of importance.

After eating there’s no exercise

While we practice, the muscles need more blood to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. And exercising and eating have specific requirements, from circulation on, but it’s perfectly acceptable to exercise after a meal, but still no muscles to Bailey, not to “pull back” too much oxygen because it would have the consequence could be cramping in the stomach.

Coffee is a diuretic

Coffee contains caffeine, which has a mild diuretic effect if you don’t consume often. If you consume tea, coffee or energy drinks frequently, the liver will be used to process the caffeine, neutralizing this effect.

Vitamin c against colds

Contrary to belief the only thing proven is that vitamin C supplements reduce the risk of infection in people lacking this vitamin, and in those who are subject to extreme physical activity. For all other consumption of supplements that contain it proved to be completely pointless.

Two liters of water a day

Fluid intake depends on the extent of the body, and daily activities. All the excess will just pass through your body. More information click here

1. Unexplained weight loss

Many women would have been glad to unplanned lose weight. However, unexplained weight loss without exercise intensity increase or reduction of food intake, would need to be checked.

Unexplained weight loss is often associated with cancer. There is another explanation, for example. an overactive thyroid.

Ask your doctor to check for thyroid and order You for a CT SCAN of various organs. The doctor needs to turn off the options one by one and find an explanation for the weight loss.

2. Bloating

Bloating is so common that many women accept it as something normal. But bloating can be associated with ovarian cancer. Other symptoms of ovarian cancer include pain in the abdomen or pelvis, feeling full even when you are not eating a lot and urinary problems.

If bloating occurs nearly every day and lasts more than a few weeks, consult a physician.

3. changes to the chest

Most of the women knew their breasts, even though not reviewed often. Nodule in chest is not the only symptom

Also, if the appearance of warts has changed or if you notice a discharge (and not breast-feeding), see your doctor. If your nipples are normal and all of a sudden become indented, it is not a good sign. This change in appearance it could be a worrisome symptom.

If you have changes in the breasts, the doctor will examine the breast and may You order on a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, and possibly a biopsy. that could be related to cancer. Redness and thickening of the skin on the breast, it could indicate a very rare but aggressive form of breast cancer and should be immediately verified. If you have a rash a couple of weeks, you need to go to the doctor.

4. Bleeding between menstruation

The women in front of menopausal women often ignored bleeding between menstruation. Also tend to ignore the bleeding from the digestive tract. But bleeding between menstruation, especially if in general you have a regular menstrual period, it should be checked. Bleeding after menopause may be a symptom of endometrial cancer. Bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract may be a symptom of colon cancer.

If a woman never has bleeding between menstruation, then the appearance of abnormal for her. For someone else, it might not be.

At least three quarters of the women who received endometrial cancer they had abnormal bleeding as an early symptom.

Your doctor will, depending on the time of bleeding and other symptoms, you probably suggest an ultrasound or biopsy.

5. Changes of the skin

Most of us search for any changes in moles as a sign of skin cancer. But we also need to look at the changes in pigmentation of the skin.

It is difficult to say how long is enough to observe the changes of the skin before you go to the doctor, but experts say no longer than a few weeks.

6. Difficulty swallowing

Difficult swallowing may be a sign of cancer of the esophagus.

Your doctor will take a medical history and order You to capture the chest or an overview of the gastrointestinal tract.

7. Blood in the wrong place

If you notice blood in the urine or faeces, do not assume that we are talking about hemorrhoids, it could be cancer of the colon.

Your doctor will ask you questions, and you may order a colonoscopy and an overview of the colon.

If a woman have a period anymore, and she’s bleeding that may mean cancer of the bladder or kidneys.

Coughing up blood should be taken seriously. If the bleeding happens once doesn’t have to be anything serious, but if it happens more than once, see a doctor.

9. Abdominal pain and depression

A woman who is suffering from abdominal pain and depression need a review. Some researchers have found a link between depression and cancer of the pancreas.

9. Digestion

Women who had been pregnant might remember the digestive disturbances that have emerged on how tumours on the weight. However, indigestion without any reason can be a warning sign.

This may be an early clue to cancer of the esophagus, stomach or throat.

Your doctor will take a medical history and ask questions about your digestion before making a decision about your searches.

10. changes in the mouth

Smokers should be particularly alerted to the white marks in the mouth or white spots on the tongue. Both occurrences of prekancerozno may indicate a condition called Leukoplakia which can develop cancer of the oral cavity.

11. Pain

How do people get old, complaining about the more variety of pain, but pain also can be an early symptom of some types of cancer.

Persistent and unexplained pain should be examined. Your doctor will take a medical history, and on the basis of the information to decide on further studies, if they are needed.

12. changes in lymph nodes

If you notice lumps or swelling in the lymph nodes under the arms, the neck, or anywhere else, it could be a worrisome sign.

If you have a lymph node that is progressively increased for more than a month, see a doctor. Your doctor will examine you and determine what could cause enlargement of the lymph nodes.

13. the Fever

If you have a fever that does not explain the flu or other infections, that could be related to cancer. Fever most commonly occur after the cancer has spread from its original site, but it also can indicate the early stages of leukemia and lymphoma.

Other symptoms of cancer may include jaundice, or a change in the color of the Chair.

Your doctor will perform a physical examination and take a medical history, and then direct you to further your search.

14. Fatigue

Fatigue is another vague symptoms that could indicate cancer as well as a host of other problems. May appear in the early stages of cancer, such as leukemia, or cancer of the large intestine and stomach.

15. A persistent cough

Cough is a common colds, flu, allergies, and sometimes occurs as a side effect of medication. But the persistent cough that is defined for a period of more than three or four weeks, should not be ignored. And don’t forget to use this obat tradisional ampuh diabetes